In a small town of Benton Harbor Michigan a boy named David Dortch was born. Growing up as the fifth child, David developed a competitive edge at an early age. As David became older his love for sports made him a household name but the competitiveness had him wanting more.

After his freshman year in high school, David decided to transfer to West Ottawa high school where he could branch away from his brother’s shadow and become the man he sought to become. Adversity would set in during the summer of his senior year when David broke his wrist during a championship basketball game at Tri State University in Indiana.

Upon graduation he received a partial scholar scholarship to attend The University of Arkansas Little Rock. With the passion to entertain, David majored in Professional Studies with a Minor in film and Television. He learned every aspect his mind could absorb dealing with acting, writing, directing and producing. After shooting his first short called the Forgotten key, David new this was his calling to be the best versatile actor that Hollywood as to offer.

David resides in the movie capital of the world with the drive and persistence like he always had. With a four-year degree, David uses that knowledge and passion to make him self better and better as a person and an entertainer. A famous person once said, “If you want something done you have to do it your self” that may be true in some cases, but if you’re passionate about something shouldn’t be shared with others. David Dortch has taken this philosophy, applied to his life, and redefined what is known as a hardworking man with a dream.


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